D365: Unparalleled Support in Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service

Elevate Sales, Amplify Marketing, Excel in Service: Unleash Dynamics 365 Potential.

Empower Your Business with the Power Platforms

Unleash the Potential of Power BI, Power Automate, Virtual Agents, and Power Apps

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Our Data-Driven Services

Achieve Digital Excellence: Data-Driven Strategies for Business Transformation Triumph.

Quality-Driven Testing to Accelerate your Product Release Cycle

Assure Quality, Accelerate Release: Optimal Testing Solutions for Reliable Software.

Get Insights from the Web's Data: The Power of Web Scraping

Maximize Data Harvesting: Tailored Web Scraping Solutions for Precision and Efficiency.

Elevate Your Business with Our Services

In today’s dynamic world Digital Transformation is more than digitisation systems.

Dynamic 365

Experience the future: Dynamics 365 fuels efficiency, insights, and unparalleled business breakthroughs.

Digital Transformation

Achieve more with DT: Streamlined operations, enhanced experiences, and continuous evolution.

Power Platform

Ignite potential: Power Platform sparks innovation, automation, and dynamic business transformation.

Web Scraping

Empower your data strategy with web scraping: Custom solutions, skilled resources, limitless insights.

Managed Service

Experience peace of mind with our managed services—efficiency, security, and reliability guaranteed.

Web Testing

Optimize quality assurance with our testing services: Tailored solutions, skilled experts, flawless outcomes.


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Case Studies

Keeping Your Medicines Cool

How Osmosys helped to reduce medicine wastage.

Customising the Customer Journey

Using Dynamics 365 in the Retail Sector.


“TalonPro has been working with Osmosys for more than 15 years. During that time, we have built a US based industry specific business software application from the ground up. Osmosys team is a true partner in design, development, enhancement and support.

Throughout our partnership, the team has always responded well within allotted time frames and continues to upgrade and improve the knowledge base and processing efforts.For above reasons and many more, I am happy to support Osmosys and recommend them for any project of any size.”

Timothy Duggan

President, Talon Pro Solutions

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Osmosys, helping me develop a web application with both a user-friendly front-end, as well as a back-end involving automatic data collection and analysis.

Communication is key, and our daily contact has kept me well informed throughout all stages of the project, with every decision being discussed and documented.Osmosys ability at adapting to the changing needs and scope of the project as well as their attention to detail, has provided me with a high-quality product. I can highly recommend their services.”

Urban Gustavsson
Owner, Counterpick

“For over 19 years, Osmosys consistently receives a perfect 5/5 from a long-term client, praising their unmatched account management and professional client relationship approach.

Team Osmosys always did the right thing for our product and been there for all our needs. As I have said many times, my experiences working with your team continue to be excellent and I am very pleased to have found a software development company I can count on for our software needs.”

Gary Sugar

VP of Engineering, Emanate Wireless

“We have been partnering with Osmosys for more than 2 years and we consider them an offshore extension of our startup. Thanks to their exemplary wisdom, they made a big impact by contributing to technology decisions, and they always supported the much needed flexibility that characterizes early stage companies.”

Dario De Santis

CEO and Co-founder, Tweelin

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