Osmosys locks-in their campus selects during the lockdown
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Last Updated: April 26, 2022
May 19, 2020

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As we complete 2 months of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations are still adjusting to the “new normal” – work from home, managing teams via online meetings and messaging. It is now inevitable for organizations to alter their business models and embrace digital transformation so that business continues seamlessly despite this unfavorable situation.

With the IT industry in India expected to have a lower growth rate due to this epidemic, Osmosys is no exception as we are also experiencing delayed decisions, temporary suspension of contracts and payment delays, However, we are committed to our employees, customers and stakeholders to wade-through these tough times with a sense of caution.

Then what about the commitments we made to our campus selects? This question was haunting us…

We had given job offers to more than 50 graduates from various colleges across India and this lockdown situation has postponed their final examinations and valedictions, which in-turn would delay their joining dates with us. We had to get creative in taking advantage of this downtime and engage our future employees.

We decided to fast-track their induction into Osmosys by employing a technology-driven online training program that would enable our campus selects to utilize this current lockdown period productively to acquire and sharpen their skills and get ready to make a smooth transition from “campus to corporate”.

To start with, we had to be cognizant to the situations and priorities of our campus selects and so we worked closely with their Placement Officers and encouraged them to register to our training program with no obligations and with a guarantee that this had no bearing to our current job offers to them.

In no time, we got an overwhelming response to our initiative and more than 40 of our campus selects registered for the program. كيف تلعب الدومينو

Our Managers and Leads came up with a training agenda that was inclusive, personalized and practical, covering topics like

Engineering Basics – Problem Solving, OOPS and Principles of Programming
Programming Languages – HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and SQL

Each topic is spread across 5-6 online classroom-style session of 2 hours each with material-led training, daily assignments, mock tests and a final examination at the end of each topic. Each of our trainer is backed-up by an observer and a few assistants that answered questions and queries of the participants via dedicated group chat and email. باصره

As we pilot this for the first time, we are hopeful this attempt to disseminating knowledge via online to our future employees would accelerate their learning and help them join our teams with more confidence. ما هي الالعاب التي تربح المال

Historically, major world events are often an inflection point for rapid innovation and only time will tell if online technology and collaboration tools would be a viable alternate to manage all or most of our business processes including hiring, training, onboarding et all.

Dinesh Madireddy
SVP – Global Delivery
Osmosys Software Solutions

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