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Last Updated: January 12, 2024
September 20, 2020

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A Sales CRM bolt-on solution for Cash Flow Forecasting


  • An add-on which would forecast the data based on the pre-defined parameters set. This would be used for reporting purpose, so that companies can predict/analyze what kind of impacts it can have on their business continuity.
  • This is specifically aimed at sales module of Dynamics 365 – for calculation of Cash Flow impact, Marketing/Sales impact.
  • Benefits

  • A custom entity needs to be created to capture the forecast entity and type as below:
  • Based on the forecast type and entity, the forecast report will run against defined parameters.
  • Possible Solutions

    • As this relates to forecasting data, it would mainly involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) if users allow the data to be moved into Azure/our server to do this forecasting with a set of algorithms.
    • But as this has to reside within CRM and data has to be given out dynamically at run-time, there are 3 approaches which probably suits the need

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