Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 
365 for Sales

Help organisation gain clear insights, accelerate sales performance, get a better view of opportunities, and improve the effectiveness of yours.

Transformative Influence of Sales D365 on Your Business

Dynamics 365 for sales, often abbreviated as D365 Sales, is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software solution developed by Microsoft. It is designed to help businesses manage their sales processes, improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth

Osmosys has been a pioneer in implementing D365 for many of our clients in UK and Europe regions. We have helped more than 50 businesses of all sizes and industries streamline their sales processes, improve their customer engagement, gain insights from data and leverage the power of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Why Osmosys?

As Microsoft Gold Partner with +125 strong experts, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional consultancy and customer service to ensure that we scope and design solutions that will add tangible benefits to your business for the short and long-term.

  Center of Excellence (CoE) Dedicated pool of highly skilled consultants that have experience building solutions around D365
  Custom Development Development services that are tailored to meet specific business needs and requirements

  Technical Advocacy

Subject matter experts that help with technical consulting to create process roadmaps

  Cloud Migrations Facilitate migrations to on-demand infrastructure services like AWS, Azure
  Rapid Implementations Fast tracking project planning to focus on process distribution across onsite and offshore to deliver maximum ROI
  Managed Services Streamline and improve efficiency with an SLA-driven focus to support, maintain and improve application
Timothy Duggan

President, TalonPro Solutions

“TalonPro has been working with Osmosys for more than 8 years. During that time, we have built a US based industry specific business software application from the ground up. Osmosys team is a true partner in design, development, enhancement and support. Throughout our partnership, the team has always responded well within allotted time frames and continues to upgrade and improve the knowledge base and processing efforts.For above reasons and many more, I am happy to support Osmosys and recommend them for any project of any size.”

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Why D365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) is a suite of cloud-based business applications developed by Microsoft. It encompasses a wide rage of applications that cater to various aspects of business operations, from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to marketing, finance, human resources and more.
D365 provides a comprehensive suite of business applications that helps organizations customize their business processes to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and drive growth. These applications offer integration with Microsoft ecosystem leverages AI and analytics and proves scalability and flexibility in a cloud-based environment.

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Help organisations gain clear insights,
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