Retain historical data of your service tickets within your own CRM


  • Often businesses spend lot of time and money in acquiring ticketing systems to manage their internal support issues. It is also one of the costliest functions because of the complexities involved in managing cross-department communications and processes.
  • TicketDesk365 is a Dynamics 365 app that can be used by end-users to raise support tickets from within the Dynamics CRM application itself.
  • Delight your customer and win them with your response time

  1. Streamline your support tickets
  2. Automate the workflow
  3. Track to closure


  • TicketDesk365 enables end-users to create support tickets and track them within Dynamics 365 application, without having to switch to other ticketing systems.
  • The ease and flexibility of this app ensures collaboration and seamless communication between departments paving way for more productivity and quicker turn-around times.


  • Create new tickets with ease
  • Attach screenshots or documents
  • Define ticket impact for immediate assistance
  • Categorize tickets for easy tracking
  • Quick search
  • Prompt email notifications
  • Configure email settings
  • Export to excel for reporting
  • Ticket Management

    • This App is aimed at raising tickets for IT Support team from within Dynamics CRM. The initial phase of the App is designed to send emails to the respective IT Support team when a ticket is raised
    • All the tickets can be managed from within CRM for the ease of customers/li>
    • This is a one-way model only, where notifications are sent to the respective IT Support’s ticketing system – to create a ticket accordingly

    Plugins / Custom Workflow

    1. Auto Number Plugin: Plugin to generate Issue# (Use default Dynamics CRM logic to generate this with no prefix or suffix but just an incremental number)
    2. Ticket Notification Plugin: For the initial phase, this is to send email notification

    If you’d like to find out more about TicketDesk365, get in touch with us today.

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