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Managing an entire educational institution with hundreds of students’ data segmented into different batches is hard, difficult work.

Our US-based client, an international education institute offering a vibrant learning environment in which the brightest minds could prosper and succeed, needed IT services and solutions every bit as inspiring as the courses they offered. They needed Osmosys.

Client Requirement

The Client needed an innovative solution to replace their first-generation intranet system: an out-of-date solution which they had been using for many years. Something more robust was needed to enable more effective and efficient administration of the university’s data needs, something to speed up processing and task completion times which were painfully slow.

We saw that there was an immediate need for them to utilise the latest technology, industry standards and best practices.

Our Client needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for candidates that would allow them to seamlessly process data to reach out to prospective students, enrol them, design and handle courses, batches, staff and other resources. Their requirements were as below:

  1. Candidate management: Moving leads collected via their website or emails directly into the CRM
  2. Course management: Define all courses within the system, modules offered, fee structure, and scheduling
  3. Resource management: Allocate faculty for each course, schedule classes and educational resources, maintain infrastructure

Our Solution

Osmosys delivered a customised solution for the efficient communication and sharing of data and documentation. Content was migrated from shared network drives into a managed central content repository, ensuring that everything was in one place. 

Leads obtained from the Client’s website, from other institutes, via email or lists of students from the previous batch were directly transferred into CRM. Students were then assigned career counsellors, who were able to use the system to offer information matched to them about relevant content, webinars, recommended resources. The CRM also followed up by sending reminders, and making tailored, compelling offers. Copyright © 2019. All Right Reserved.

Our solution was also designed to enable automatic monitoring of student attendance, course work completed, scores earned, and fee payment.


Our MS Dynamics 365 solution helped them supercharge their student management processes, resulting in:


  • Increased productivity – automation means faster work processes

  • Efficient reporting– MS Dynamics 365 automated processes perform reporting tasks in just a few simple steps. Sales productivity dashboards help keep the sales team on their toes

  • GDPR compliant – all data is centralized, audited, and reported when needed. It stays secure with inbuilt security roles and profiles 

  • Future integration – integrate the CRM with the invoicing application to create an Alumni portal for past students


If you’d like to find out more how we could help add value and efficiencies to your business, get in touch with us today. 

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