keeping your medicines cool


Medicine wastage is a big, complicated problem. Across the world, millions of dollars’ worth of medicines are wasted every year. There are many points in the process of patient care where wastage can unfortunately occur – but how can technology be used to tackle that problem?

As with many things in life – the answer lies in simply keeping your cool.

Client Requirement

Certain life-saving medicines have to be constantly refrigerated at a specific temperature. A single refrigerator unit in a US hospital will, at any time, store hundreds of drugs worth thousands of dollars. Opened multiple times every hour by hospital staff, these refrigerators are in constant use and, given the highly intense and pressurised environment in which they work, doors can easily be left ajar by mistake. The unfortunate result of this is thousands of dollars’ worth of life-saving medicines spoiled and wasted.

Our Client needed a solution that would identify when doors have been left open, alert medical staff and log this incident for resolution and compliance reasons.

Our Solution

Here at Osmosys, we created an innovative bluetooth-powered device with multiple temperature probes to detect the rise in temperature caused by refrigerator doors left ajar.

This device would then interact with the REST Application Performance Interface (API) that we provided, periodically reporting the temperature recordings and alerting the server of any excursion outside the configured temperature range. The server would then record the temperature time series data and process any temperature excursion alerts that the monitor might have sent.

The server would notify the medical staff of the excursion through their preferred mode of communication – email, SMS, voice call or pager.

It would also create an incident associated with each unique alert raised by the devices that could then be viewed on the incident management portal.

Additionally, we developed an iPhone application that would allow clients to pair the device with their iPhone for real-time temperature readings.


The system we developed at Osmosys has now been in place at 4 major US hospitals for over a year, during which time it has helped the medical staff identify over 150 cases of medicine storage temperatures being out of range due to the door being left ajar, or the failure of the compressor in the refrigeration unit.

With a reduction of 85% in such cases, over 1,500 notifications via SMS, emails, pagers and voice calls have been sent out to raise the alarm. Being informed promptly about these occurrences has allowed the medical staff to take immediate corrective action and helped them to save tens of thousands of dollars.

Through the incident management system, the medical staff discuss and log the corrective actions taken. It allows them to review the status of incidents, identify the causes and the corrective actions taken as a result. The temperature data collected on the server has been used to meet the compliance requirements of the health-care Joint Commission.

The temperature data is also used to identify trends and perform predictive maintenance on medical assets. Such success demonstrates how Osmosys can help design innovative technological solutions to improve and streamline business operations and save you money in the process.

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Our Leadership

Our Management team has exceptional international and industry experience having delivered hundreds of successful Projects around the world. Their knowledge of commercial needs, combined with in-depth industry and technological expertise, ensures that we can provide innovative solutions to add real value to our Clients’ businesses.

Medida Srinivas

Chairman & Founder

Srinivas has spent his whole career designing and developing software, systems and applications. He founded Osmosys in 2004 and has gone onto expand the business around the world through his unceasing focus to design brilliant IT solutions that deliver value for his Clients. The year 2019 marks the opening of Osmosys UK to serve and support the growing Client base in Europe. Srinivas is also the innovator behind most of our products and enjoys building new solutions to the betterment of various services.

Dinesh Madireddy

Chief Operating Officer

Dinesh is a senior consulting leader with more than 20 years of experience in delivery management, practice management, consulting, service delivery and solution sales in large, mid-size and start-up organizations with focus on client relations and value-adds. He is a Thought Leader focused towards building and retaining high-performing cross-technology teams, practice areas with proven record of influencing change within People, Process and Technology.

Nick Jordan

Director of Operations

Nick has over 20 years of experience working in global multinationals, running his own consulting company and in start-ups. He has held senior leadership roles in US, European and British financial services companies, as well as in consulting, technology and manufacturing firms, where he had global responsibilities for sales, relationship management, strategy, business development, product management and operations.

Mark Llewellyn

Director of Technology

Mark is an accomplished Microsoft MSC Consultant and D365 Digital Architect, with extensive experience in Digital Transformation consultancy, and overseeing its successful implementation and delivery to improve business outcomes. He is well versed in providing leading edge technological solutions across a number of industries, including financial services, governmental organisations and not-for-profits, as well as top global branded commercial corporates.

Madhavi Kolagani


Madhavi holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Osmania University in India. She worked with Tata Consultancy Services, AT & T – New Jersey and Sierra Atlantic before co-founding Osmosys in 2004. Her experience includes database design and administration of Oracle and SQL Server databases. She has handled medium / large scale applications for clients in India and US in technologies like Oracle forms, PHP and Cake PHP.